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In a spectacular blend of fashion and natural beauty, Louis Vuitton unveiled its highly anticipated Cruise 2024 Collection on the enchanting Isola Bella of the Isole Borromee, located on the breathtaking Lake Maggiore in Italy. The Cruise 2024 Collection paints a whimsical picture of a botanical cruise, a vibrant blend of dreams and reality where aquatic creatures emerge from the depths, leaving their watery abodes to embark on an exploration of terrestrial wonders. Under the creative direction of Nicolas Ghesquière, the collection took viewers on a metaphorical journey through three passages, each unveiling a new facet of the Vuitton woman's essence.

Symbolising transformation and self-discovery, the collection's narrative unfolded in three iconic passages. Initially, an ethereal amphibious creature emerged, adorned with triton masks, divine creature motifs, and inspirations from jellyfish. As these aquatic creatures paraded from water to land, they paved the way for the second passage, where a mermaid-like figure transformed into a human being, gracefully stepping onto land, and transforming itself into a human form. The essence of the sea is intricately woven into the garments, fabrics, and innovative cuts, embodying the enchantment and mystique of the marine realm. Finally, the runway displayed an exquisite array of red carpet dresses, a magnificent exaltation and homage to the timeless beauty of the Louis Vuitton Woman.

The Maison’s commitment to the spirit of travel and exploration was showcased by selecting Isola Bella as the backdrop for the Cruise 2024 runway show. Isola Bella, suspended over the waters of Lake Maggiore, is a treasure trove of Baroque art and architecture. The Palazzo Borromeo, along with its gardens, stands as a testament to centuries of meticulous craftsmanship. The geometries, shapes, and lines of this Italian Baroque masterpiece engage in a captivating dialogue with the surrounding lake and its reflecting waters. By staging the show at Isola Bella, Louis Vuitton became the first to bring a fashion extravaganza to this historic location, which has remained in the hands of the Borromeo family for nearly four centuries. Furthermore, Isola Bella and its magnificent Palazzo Borromeo are now open to the public, offering visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the rich heritage and cultural significance associated with the Borromeo family.

Louis Vuitton has a rich history of presenting its Cruise collections in extraordinary locations around the world. From Bob and Dolores Hope's residence in Palm Springs to Oscar Niemeyer's MAC in Niteroi, the Maison's commitment to showcasing its creations in awe-inspiring settings remains unwavering. Isola Bella now joins this prestigious list, with its architectural grandeur and natural beauty perfectly complementing the Cruise 2024 Collection's transformative narrative.

The Cruise 2024 Collection is a manifestation of Louis Vuitton's commitment to pushing boundaries and creating a contemporary narrative of reverie and transformation. The garments and accessories showcased in the collection embody a joyful paradox, offering diverse stylistic interpretations and showcasing the Maison's unique sartorial vision. With a constant interplay between the familiar and the extraordinary, the collection presents a refreshing blend of the ordinary and the unique. Nicolas Ghesquière's visionary designs, combined with the majestic setting of Isola Bella, capture the timeless journey of self-discovery and transformation, serving as a metamorphosis of the Vuitton woman.

Nur Rezai-Mah

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