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The universe that Jonathan Anderson is building at Loewe is as vast as it is unique. Full of references to art, the new addition to the brand's visual repertoire comes from photographer David Sims, who captures the Spring/Summer 2023 menswear campaign, featuring actors Josh O'Connor and Stéphane Bak with a surreal and delicate discourse that invites the viewer to immerse themselves in the oneiric story that has become the brand's signature.

Liminality is one of the key concepts in this campaign, that transitional space between the material and the immaterial, the human essence and the object. To convey that je ne sais quoi, artistic references become vital pieces to achieving the perfect image. Renditions of the work of the painter William Nicholson with his still-life style are present, where everyday objects acquire a dreamy tinge thanks to the reflections, shadows, and shapes they project, sharing the spotlight with the iconic Amazona 15 bag.

The two protagonists, Loewe's ambassadors, pose in a subtle, sensual, and pensive way, alluding to the campaign's second referent artist, the photographer George Platt Lynes, known for capturing images of intense erotic tension without resorting to excess. David Sims combines all these elements in an interesting way, exalting both the bodies (dressed in Loewe) and the objects they hold, the Puzzle and the Fold Shopper bags included, in a campaign that invites the viewer to enter their own thoughts through the power of photography and, of course, the creative artistry of Anderson.

Natalia Andrea Pérez Hernández

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