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The dominance of technology in the present day undeniably pervades our imaginations of the future. Lifeforms, Universal Everything’s biggest solo exhibition to date, offers a glimpse into a vibrant variation of such future – characterised by the ultimate synthesis of life and technology – imagined by the artists of the international collective. Commissioned by 180 The Strand London, this exuberant collection of fourteen digital lifeforms, each existing in unique habitats created by Ab Rogers Design, is currently on display at 180 Studios until December 4, 2022. 

These slick and futuristic lifeforms, generated through the use of architecture, projection, generative video, sound and interaction, take shape as the elements, plants, characters, or dynamic abstract forms of varying textures. They are endowed with the ability to perform hyperreal imitations of organic movement, or even morph from one form to another in an infinite loop of transmutation.

While three new works – Primordial, Maison Autonome, and Into the Sun – are premiering at the exhibition, several old works like Future You, an interactive motion-capture artwork displaying a lifeform that mirrors the viewer’s movements, and Machine Learning, which explores the long-standing question of “When will machines achieve human agility?,” are also part of the collection.

Not only does this exhibition offer a close up look at Universal Everything’s distinctive and mesmerising high-end visual effects, the constant metamorphosis of these lifeforms also guarantees a unique experience for every visitor that is literally impossible to replicate.
Universal Evertything's Lifeforms exhibition is now on view at 180 Studios

Charis Fung 

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