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Diving head-first into the mystical, the Spring/Summer collection by Les Benjamins celebrates post-lockdown freedom and the excitement of enlightenment through the retro-futuristic lens of admiring the lush cultural roots of the founder Bunyamin Aydin and searching for future spiritual journeys. Inspired heavily by the work of painter Jacques Majorelle, and translated into loud colours and timeless garments, the production team – comprised of all Moroccan people, including acclaimed photographer Mous Lamrabat – showcases Aydin’s pride in his Turkish heritage, and the juxtaposition between his roots and his German upbringing.

Playing with the themes of spiritual awakening and joy, the collection entitled The Mystic Journey presents a multi-faceted look on the past and future, through combining elements of streetwear to traditional tailoring techniques and cuts, and highlighting traditional images of flowers and birds on the designs, which represent mysticism and spiritual rebirth. A nod to the 1970s in psychedelic prints, trims, and lace also creates this space where past and future combine, leaving only room for a never-ageing identity where traditional shapes are complimented by new-age sunglasses in the photography for Les Benjamins' collection.

The inspiration of French painter Jacques Majorelle is plain to see in this collection, the exotic colour palette exploring Citroen yellow, warm tangerine, and his namesake Majorelle blue, which he designed himself, based on the blue tiles prevalent in Southern Morocco, and the way these reflect the light of the sun. His paintings celebrated the freedom and expressive nature around the Mediterranean and North Africa, introducing large blocks of colour that remain unfazed by their size and bold natures. Most famously, the villa and gardens constructed by Majorelle in Marrakech, named the Majorelle Gardens, loan their spirit of excitement to this collection, reflecting the long-lasting impact of cultural influences on the attitudes of people and the introspective soul-searching these garments convey.

Eve McIntosh
Creative direction & photography
Mous Lamrabat
Lisa Lapauw
Hair & make up
Kim Theylaert
Salima & Nasser
Casting & production
Marie Juncker with 8sky.p
Abdessalam Aichaidlane
1st light assistant
Manon Verkade

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