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Kings Elliot is on her way to establishing herself as one of the standout emerging artists in the world of alternative pop. Her dedication to the craft of songwriting and her emotionally charged music have earned her acclaim from fans around the globe, as well as recognition from notable figures like Reese Witherspoon and Lewis Capaldi. Today, she’s back with enthusiasm with Never Be Mine, a hit written from the heart. It’s her second single of the year, following the release of It’s My Birthday, a raw song about the heaviness that birthdays can bring for some. With this new offering, she demonstrates her potential to captivate and move anyone. 
Currently, she has accumulated over ten million streams. She began in 2020 with her first single I’m Getting Tired of Me, in which she initially demonstrated transparency as a form of empowerment in her struggle with BPD and anxiety. She hosts a Twitch club called Sick Puppy comfort clubs (the name her fans identify with), where she inspires and provides support to people who are going through the same challenges as she is. 

Never Be Mine, her newest release, is a personal anthem where the singer shares her most intimate feelings with all her listeners. It delves into the complex emotions she experiences when loving someone who will never be with her. The heart wants what it wants, even though the mind knows it’s the wrong person. It’s written as a conversation with her own heart to confront the situation while expressing her pain, frustration, and anger—a catharsis of repressed feelings. 

With this song, she explores pop from a completely sincere perspective. Her sweet voice conveys determination and urgency to express everything from her chest. With the electric guitar and later the drums accompanying her, she creates a melodic atmosphere that captivates. You can even perceive how her voice breaks a bit at certain moments.

With her powerful and intimate songs, she continues to prove herself as a highly compelling and exciting artist with much more to offer in the coming months. Additionally, her experiences touring, opening for renowned acts like Imagine Dragons and Lana Del Rey, have further solidified her position as a rising star in the music industry.   

Helena Barragán Vert

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