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Swedish artist Katinka Golberg is currently working on a trilogy of photobooks. Rupture is her last ongoing project, the one in the middle within the trilogy, where Goldberg explores the borderland between images and paintings through collages.

In her collages she combines parts of bodies with other objects, destroying and restoring them in a new way. The artist is not only exploring the limits in the photographic medium, but also exploring the true being of humans and their way of belonging.

She compares intimate relationships with her creations, “both raw and fragile, both intimate and distanced, both restrained and playful.” The result of her artwork is so visual and expressive but it also has a realistic meaning to interpret, or rather, to reinterpret.

Goldberg is challenging people with these questions: “How much can you take away of yourself without disappearing? How close can you get before the closeness becomes a distance?”

Lorena Jiménez

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