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Reflecting his multicultural background, time spent wandering around the world, his upbringing in New York, and his transition to LA, the musical project that Kanwal is shaping meets diverse influences and offers a very personal sound. The Los Angeles rage funk artist, who was born and raised in New York by an Indian/Sikh father and a Russian/Jewish mother, now releases his new single, Tuggin’ Me Back. This is an inverted pop song about the struggle between expressing intense emotions and conforming to social expectations that leaves no one indifferent.

“Rage funk is where all the unconventional, unsavoury emotions and desires live. It is where the raw, odd parts of our psyche get stuffed, beneath layers of constructed identity and social expectation. Kendrick Lamar's TPAB is rage funk, but so is M.I.A's Arular, Beyonce's Lemonade, and James Brown's Please Please Please,” says the artist, who has just released a single in which distorted vocals meet dirty bass lines and rugged, textured synths. "Rage Funk is also about giving a voice to aggression that, for a long time, I didn't feel comfortable acknowledging."

Kanwal's first studio single, Tuggin' Me Back, is a representation of the meeting of rage, power and passion through music. A letter of introduction to his audience, whom he promises to continue to surprise with new releases in the next few months. The artist now translates his creative vision into a project with which he still has a lot to say, making music his own space to be free, hoping to help others feel the same. “Each track is going to come with a visual and bring you further into the world of rage funk. This is just the beginning. My vision is to bring as many artists and music consumers as possible into this new genre."

David Alarcón

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