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Jungstötter takes us on a heartfelt and deeply reflective journey of self-discovery, brought to life by his charting of not only his own personal experiences, but the collective emotions to which we can all empathise in his newest video for Nothing is Holy (which will be out in April via PIAS). Read on to find out more about the now Vienna-based via Berlin artist is going to release.
This is just a teaser of what his upcoming romantic pop album One Star is all about. A ten-track project by an up-and-coming musician who finds both his ingenuity and sound in the alternative/indie genre. Realised by Jungstötter after a personal crisis, the album is a fusion of calm vocals and instrumental extremes, echoing both the idea of One Star being a calming presence during a tumultuous period in his life, and the feelings to which his works have become intrinsic.

The upcoming album can be described as a dark star looming over him, actually threatening to swallow him but it eventually begins to glow in the calm after the storm. He moves between Earth and Heaven as he explores this contrast between both light and darkness. He playfully and masterfully changes moods, from melancholy to tentative, secure and yet fragile emotions. It is the reflection of a changing sky, further dancing around the concept of a storm that looks like it is going to take over us but it becomes less and less scary, less doom and gloom, as it slowly but surely disappears.

Sabrina Roman

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