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Having released his debut album Turn Me To Water in February, Joshua Thew is now presenting the music video that comes along with the focus track Never Be. The emerging alt-R&B artist, who five years ago was in the prestigious New York City Ballet performing alongside a top-tier talent for audiences from around the globe, is now betting on a musical project in which, of course, dance also plays an important role. This new music video is choreographed by Janie Taylor and directed by acclaimed filmmaker Jake Kolton.

Thew uses dance to express the story of the song and makes it an effective way to connect with oneself in solitude, letting oneself be carried away by the magic of movement. “The concept is loosely based on this 1999 French film, Beau Travail, where this very tough and repressed authority figure suddenly has this shockingly revealing tender moment, dancing by himself in a nightclub,” the multifaceted artist comments on the Never Be music video, whose focus is intimate, voyeuristic, free, private, and thrilling. “It's so jarring, poignant and moving in how his dance by him reveals a hidden truth about who he is. The idea was for the video to feel kinda goofy and personal… someone moving in their private space after a night out.”

Since releasing his successful debut single in 2019, Think You're Getting Through, and after nearly a decade in the prestigious New York City Ballet, the artist has not stopped pursuing his dream of developing his own music project. This was actually his first passion, the reason he became a dancer in the first place. This new music video shows that the two artistic disciplines he likes the most blend perfectly, achieving great results.

David Alarcón

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