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“Regardless of the choice I want and the choice I make for myself, I have to be ready to believe in me to get a proper start,” comments the South Korean singer-songwriter and musician ID:Earth (아이디얼스) upon her brand new track Betting, out today. The first of the forthcoming four-track EP Panorama spotlights the rising rapper Dbo, also based in Seoul.

As well as Panorama, Betting is a harmonic exploration, polarising musings on human civilisation and experiences: “This song is about the beginning of society.” The name ID:Earth comes from “the identity of Earth,” this is a reference to the relationship between human civilisation and Earth in her lyrics, “My music is made to be connected and pieced together like a puzzle.” Not only does she write songs by exploring her inner self and other people's experiences but she also travels through moments in history, myths and philosophy.

ID:Earth has recently been featured in severals movies and TV shows in South Korea after her debut in 2019 with the cross-genre pop tune Egypt, which features her particular style, blending smooth lo-fi sounds with spiritual melodies. This attractive way to merge different atmospheres in one single track was then followed by her single Olympus, which led to her lauded debut album [BE] in 2020.

Aina Lino

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