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Gucci unveils its highly anticipated Cruise 2024 Collection, an extraordinary fusion of the brand's heritage and the vibrant influence of South Korean fashion. This collection showcases the global community that lies at the heart of Gucci's creative legacy. The runway show takes place within the awe-inspiring Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, where traditions intermingle with modernity against the backdrop of the city's futuristic skyline.

Silhouettes reminiscent of Gucci in the late 1990s are infused with the dynamic colour palette of the 2010s, resulting in a metropolitan fusion of formalwear and streetwear. The collection highlights the hybridisation of fashion, where bourgeois streetwear merges with sportswear inspired by everyday life in Seoul. Bouclé skirt suits and silk blouses find harmony with sportswear born from Seoul's everyday life, drawing inspiration from the scuba wetsuits donned by passionate windsurfers and jet-skiers along the Han River. Innovation and deconstruction take centre stage in this collection.

Detachable sleeves become versatile accessories, while zippers enable trousers to transform and expand in shape. The iconic bomber jacket effortlessly transitions into an elegant evening skirt, and the biker jacket evolves into a statement coat. Sculptural lines grace A-line dresses, and traditional local garments inspire silk bands adorned with bows. Gucci's signature triband, the Gucci Web, makes a bold appearance in magnified form, further enhancing the collection's aesthetic impact. Hyper-sensory biomorphic motifs created by South Korean artist Ram Han infuse the collection with an irresistible allure. 

The handbags in this collection make a bold statement of their own. Gucci Horsebit Chain bags take on daring new forms, appearing warped or narrowed in shape, while the memory of a Horsebit is evoked through debossed leather on men's bags. Minimalist Gucci bags from the archives receive contemporary interpretations, showcasing colourful scuba fabrics and ornamental adaptations. Reflecting a club kid sensibility, cyber-goth stomper boots and scuba boots from the late 1990s make a triumphant return, reimagined as mules. The beloved Ace sneaker receives a rounder shape, complemented by tonal shoelaces and the unmistakable Gucci Web. 

Gucci's connection to South Korea spans a quarter of a century, beginning with the opening of its first flagship store in Seoul in 1998. The House's presence in the country has flourished since then, with Gucci embracing the vibrant heritage, culture, and creativity that South Korea embodies. Through this collection, Gucci demonstrates that fashion is not merely about garments but a means to honour heritage, bridge cultural divides, and inspire a shared global community.

Nur Rezai-Mah 

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