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Success, fame and wealth – the friendliest face of the entertainment industry is bright, but behind that facet lies a darker, more sinister and difficult side. An obstacle course to be overcome day after day in which creatives work tirelessly in a sector where opportunities do not always depend on oneself. Turning his gaze on the exploitative objectification that artists face in this industry, alternative pop artist Glass Dove dives into the facade of the entertainment industry in his new music video, Hollywood Goldmine. “It represents the gloss and glitz of Sunset Boulevard's empty promises,” he explains.

From a dark lyricism to an indie-pop melody, Glass Dove's new single is a perfect metaphor for his way of understanding music and life. Here he openly speaks in this new track about the entertainment industry, just as he explores the two halves that make up his personality through his work. His founder, Josh Benus, takes advantage of music to get to know himself better, to discover aspects of his own identity that he himself did not know. And he shares it with his audience by raising transcendental questions that affect all of us. “I try to approach it from a holistic standpoint and ask questions like, Is this cathartic for me? Is it universal? Will it be cathartic for somebody else? How does it relate to what’s going on in the world?”

Dedicated to the art of songwriting, getting better and learning from the past to do something new, Hollywood Goldmine's music video reflects the restlessness and internal reflections of a creator for whom experimentation and questioning of everything we think we have learned is an imperative need. A catharsis that he reflects through music putting the pieces of his personal puzzle together.

David Alarcón

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