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In his paintings, the British artist George Rouy blurs the limits of the body, conceiving it as a place in which contradictions are housed.  Now, he presents Shit Mirror, a series of striking pieces where multiple abstract and distorted figures – some representing a reflection of the ego, shadows or even twins – turn into a space for self-recognition. From today until April 22, you can find out more about the exhibition at Peres Projects gallery in Berlin.

Shit Mirror
is the artist’s second solo exhibit at Peres Projects. The essence of George Rouy is palpable in each of his canvases. In them, he works with energetic brushstrokes that create a contrast between formed figures and forms within abstraction. Colour and paint are contrasted with empty spaces, and this is how the painter manages to reflect a balance between chaos and serenity.

George Rouy’s main artistic focus is on the body, exploring the human form and all its limits, and in doing so he leans into abstraction. As a result, he creates sensorial workpieces that aim to convey how the body feels and what physical and mental states it experiences. He reflects the ambiguities, the form and the disposition of the naked body itself in an ensemble that is sure to leave no one indifferent.
From today onwards you can take a look at George Rouy’s latest exhibition Shit Mirror until April 22, at Peres Project gallery, Karl-Max-Allee 82, in Berlin, from Monday to Friday, 11 am - 6 pm.

Alba Fabregat
George Rouy. Mother, 2022. Courtesy Peres Projects

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