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Welcome to the dreamy world of that Australian-born, Los Angeles-based photographer George Byrne. Pastel colours, soft light and architectural lines that become almost abstract make up his newest book, Post Truth. Officially releasing the volume on November 2nd, he’ll be previously celebrating an intimate book launch with private tours next Thursday, October 29th, at Domicile (n.) Gallery in East Hollywood, LA, where he’s also having a solo show until December.

With his depiction – and celebration – of the beauty behind the everyday banal, Byrne has travelled the world looking for the most interesting corners, streets and buildings. In 2011, the Australian artist decided to settle in Los Angeles, where he’s been living ever since, and which is the main character of his upcoming book. “Originally designed as part of a five-year retrospective of my exhibition practice, Post Truth transformed into an enduring love letter to a part of the world that has shaped me immeasurably,” he says.

“In the moment we are living in, in a city and state reeling from the pandemic and the terrible impacts of climate change, there is hope here in Los Angeles,” he adds. “It feels timely to be celebrating this amazing city’s understated beauty and resilience.” Indeed, Byrne finds unconventional photogenicism in the undistinguished structures or junk space of the City of Angels. As Ian Volner, whose essay introduces the book, says “what Byrne manages to induce is an eerily familiar mental state, an encounter with the city bound to send a chill down the spine of anyone who has spent a lonely afternoon in Las Palmas, or the eastern reaches of Chinatown, or drifting up North Gower at five o’clock, under the spreading darkness of the hills.” Dive into Byrne’s exquisite, soft body of work, and make sure you get your hands on a copy of the book before it sells out!

David Valero
All photos © George Byrne

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