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The Covid-19 pandemic has claimed hundreds of thousand lives, disrupted economies globally, and interrupted our daily existence. “To testify this unexpected historical moment,” photographer Domingo Nardulli has asked models, artists and other creatives to imagine the indefinitely postponed future and probable changes this unprecedented ‘pause’ might catalyse in human relations.

“We are facing a complex phase between what was before and what will be the future. Subverting habits has already brought about a change not only in lifestyle but in the mind,” the photographer says. “The rites of which the day was made, no matter whether pleasant or stressful, were reassuring in their own way. They created a routine and an order. We find ourselves today puzzled by the lack of references.”

Nardulli’s IG reportage, From Home, leads us behind the new order of daily lives around the world, resulting in a kaleidoscopic portrayal of people, intimate spaces and objects. “This virus has affected all of us. Entering other’s homes has helped me and others to accept ourselves in our fragility and strength,” Nardulli says. “This period has been an opportunity to express our creativity. My motto is ‘less is more’ and this is the proof that good things could be done with little.”

Shots captured though informal calls via Facetime and Skype accompany audio recordings of creatives sharing their experiences and musing about hopes and fears caused by the uncertainty of the future. “Confronting the past is useful, indeed necessary. Where were we when all this upheaval broke out? What have we left open, or should we abandon it?,” Nardulli asks. “From there, we have to start to understand what needs to change today; how we were and how we will be.”

Gab Bois - Montreal

Brianna Lance - New York

Clara Mcnair - Copenaghen

Serena Ionta - London

Ilaria Bici - Florence

Monika Lagadze - Tiblisi

Giula Berta - Mantova

Milo Kester - Stroud

Luigi Morino - Milan

Lilly - Milan

Veronica Pinelli- Milan

Clara Soccini - Varese

Omar Ndiaye - Milan

Joby Netto - Milan

Nini Barbakadze

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