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Good or bad, light or darkness. These and many other terms, contrary to what they might seem, are not antagonistic but rather complementary. They coexist within us and the existence of one allows us to get to know the other one, forcing us to open our minds and better explore ourselves. That is the message that Flyght Club, the contemporary music project of Indian artist Shauvik Sharan, is now sending through his new release, Different Side of Me. A single that comes along with a music video, in which the singer creates a unique and fresh rock sound.

“I wanted to bring forth an attempt to identify and acknowledge how we all have a dark side within us and it's just a part of being human and how sometimes circumstances and situations force the dark side to take over and lead to actions we later regret,” explains the artist when we ask him about the meaning of his new single, which he has just presented after performing at prestigious venues across Los Angeles. And it is that he continues to forge ahead with 2022 set to be a promising year, freeing himself from all kinds of labels and experimenting with different musical genres.

Different Side of Me is the result of the artist experimenting with fusing distorted guitar riffs and psychedelic rock elements with modern trap drums and 808s, in a combination that perfectly reflects his essence built on freedom, showing different moods. “I wanted the concept of duality to follow through on the video too and wanted to show my good side having a meal with my bad side and eventually my bad side corrupting the good and taking over,” he adds when asked about the music video, which we can already watch on YouTube and that incorporates a slightly humorous side to bring the message closer to his audience.

David Alarcón

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