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Singer-songwriter Flo Gallop’s heart-touching new single Chasing After You is a melodic testament of post-break-up clarity. The London-based indie-pop artist’s new song delivers a message of healing and self-love. The intimate track explores the singer’s emotions after a breakup which is reflected in its catchy title. She takes her audience on a journey as the song begins with a stripped-down acoustic sound and escalates to a powerful beat.

Gallop is no stranger to creating genuine and poetic tracks. Her musical inclination comes from her childhood, in which she was encouraged to write songs as a means of catharsis. Musicality and creativity came naturally to her at a young age which prepared her to flourish as she developed her sound. She sticks to the philosophy of honesty being the best policy when writing lyrics that authentically express her emotions. This seamlessly translated raw emotion is why her listeners relate wholly with her.

Her newest song presents some of the elements of her previous singles 21 and Can’t Be Friends, such as acoustic guitar and an invigorating sass, in fresh ways. The singer’s dynamic storytelling reflects reality and is evidence of restoration after heartbreak. Through the lyrics “Times change but people never do, I don’t want to spend my life chasing after you,” she confidently states that she has chosen herself. She shares this breakthrough with her audience and explains, “The words in it are just exactly how I felt and I’m so glad we wrote it when we did because there’s so much emotion in it.”

Sarah Rand
Mike Massaro

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