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It's Fashion Week in Paris. It's the time of high class fashion shows one after another, of countless photographers waiting for all the fashionable people in front of namable locations like Le Jardin des Tuilleries or Les Beaux-Arts de Paris. It's the steady change of seeing and being seen. It's exciting and electric. It's Fashion Week in Paris, a wide range of colors and styles. These are some of the shows we are attending these days.

Veronique Branquinho show was at the further end of the city, across the bridges. Working totally patternless, the visitor's full attention concentrated on the very exclusive cuttings. Branquinho's models elegantly skimmed over the catwalk like greek goddesses. Beginning with light beige and gold, the visitor got carried to more gloomier but nevertheless beneficial colors like dark-blue or green. The big final got performed by little straighter dresses and suits in black and white.

Staying in the nearly same range of colors the Dévastée designers focused on casual and sporty but after all pretty classy appearances in their show on wednesday morning. A convincing combination of boyish insolence and femininity that reminds us of the young Audrey Hepburn from the 1950s in dresses and suits made by Givenchy. 

Later that day Damir Doma offered us a captivating show in Les Beaux-Arts de Paris. As well as he was playing with different volumes and fittings, such as box-like jackets and trousers, Doma proofed a flexibility in mixing fabrics in one piece as well as using different colors throughout the collection. Supported by trendy retro eyewear by the brand Mykita, worn during the catwalk, the event represented a harmonious concept of fashion seen during these days in the Fashion Week Paris. 

Although we already arrived at the half of the second day of the Fashion Week, the initial excitement didn't vanish at all. As well as from the first second on photographers, visitors and designers enjoyed every second waiting for the next shows or taking the “navette”, a bus that is constantly carrying the waiting crowed from one location to another. To locations also farer away like the Quai d'Austerlitz, the place where the Alexis Mabille show took place on Wednesday noon. In contrast to the mainly reigning tendency to manhood in the designs of nowadays, Mabille stands out with girly skirts and dresses checked in light blue or innocent rose. But finishing his show with light dependence on menswear resulting in maxi-dresses and strong jackets.

Back in the city the excitement around the upcoming Dries Van Noten show found it's climax among the visitors and the press. The most evident appearance in his designs was the intelligent combination of light and heavy, of flowery and checked, of fresh and traditional, of romance and grunge in several layers of substances. Dries succeeded in broadening the boarders of aesthetics and mixing of patterns. The dusty, dreamy atmosphere created by wrapping electronic rhythms and fairylike vocals was perfectly underlaying Van Noten's designs.

Apart from the runways of the big names in the fashion industry there is for example the so-called Le Loft, in Cour Bérard Impasse Guéménée, a huge industrial hall where you can find a nice concentration of the best designers of Great Britain proudly presenting their current collections. It is nearly impossible to generally summarize the designs shown in the two floors of Le Loft as they appear as extremely unique and bracing unsighted before. The location provides a creative pool of designers focusing on highly detailed handicraft, loud and colorful substances or just on accessories, like hats and jewelery. Additionally the designers always try to be on location to talk about their aesthetics and pieces with people interested, as they dedicatedly search to establish their brand on the international fashion market. 

An impressive start in the 4th day of the Fashion Week Paris was the Issey Miyake performance in the Grand Palais, one of the very rich monuments of Paris. Covered with intensive essential oils, the blissfully happy smiling models lulled the audience in a soft and comfortable environment. A perfect fitting basic for the enlightening collection of Miyake, constantly reflected from the mirroring catwalk. The designer masterful played with overlaying, lightly flying layers of colorful, patternless substances leading up to stripes and graphic prints later on. The visitor could easily identify with the enormous positive energy supported by the Model's chaotic zigzagging all over the runway in the end of the show.

The Anne Valérie Hash show has been one of the very enjoyable events of the first week. She created a enchanting image of the modern woman throughout very feminine and sexy cuttings and colors but tactful combined them with the impression of strength and power. Hash soulfully understand the struggle of a independent woman that nevertheless is committed to aesthetics and intelligently found a solution for that.

After all the first days of the Fashion Week have been exciting and riddled with images and fulfilling experiences for every visitor attending. There is still so much more to discover in the next few days and we can be thrilled by what is coming next. It's running and waiting, it's fast and illuminated. It's Fashion Week in Paris.


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