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Diana Vreeland may have left the mortal realm decades ago but through "Faction" we see she has manifested herself as Marcela Gutierrez’s muse. Marcela, who has loved Vreeland’s unique style and spirit since her youth, has created a multi-sensory exhibit in the acclaimed editor’s honor. “She was a person who found beauty in everything and everyone”. Marcela gushed during the opening night of "Faction".

The collection includes painting, sketches, and carefully selected scented candles. One look or sniff and you can feel the love and passion put into each piece of the exhibit. Every feature was inspired by pieces of Diane Vreeland’s life and those who visit have the chance to flip through the muse’s biographies as well. The centerpiece of the exhibit is the recreation of the wallpaper of Vreeland’s apartment that seems to break out of the glass frame and onto the walls of Melet Mercantile Gallery.

A step into Melet Mercantile Gallery, is a step inside the magnificent vision of Marcela Gutierrez. The artist’s own journey from South to North America is one to admire. In her journeys, Marcela has graced the pages of her idol’s former magazines such as Vogue, and there is no doubt she will continue to do so for many years to come. Before the exhibit comes to it’s end on September 26th, come be inspired by Marcela Gutierrez, the artist.


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