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It could not be any better – security control was ready to check all your bags to make sure you don’t have any liquids or sharp pieces inside, the boarding gate was open, the bus to the venue was waiting for its passengers with the widely opened doors. Security welcomes you, basic airport passengers from all over the world stare at you – be ready ladies and gentlemen, the EASS2019 flight is about to take off.

For Spring/Summer 2017, Emporio Armani did the show in Paris; last year, in London. This season, for the tremendous Milano homecoming, the team of the brand had something amazing in mind to interpret in life. They decided to challenge themselves and organize the show in a place no one ever organized anything at before: Armani crew brought international fashion elite to the 'airport'. They made us, two thousand five hundred invited special guests, go through the whole process of the passport control and security check, take a bus (what can be more fashionable, huh?) and ride directly to Linate made up hangar with a huge Emporio Armani logo on it. Nailed it, guys.

The light was off, Robbie Williams was about to start singing his Let Me Entertain You and Mr. Armani himself was counting seconds until he could finally start showing the hungry public his one hundred and seventy looks (Riccardo Tisci with his one hundred and thirty looks for the Burberry debut has been left in tears). What Armani did was impossible for anyone but him – seeing the venue and watching how smoothly everything went, you felt nothing but admiration for the team of people who made this idea a reality. Fasten your seatbelts, we’re about to take off!

The collection was clearly divided into several parts: the 'sport chic' – the part with which Armani started the communication with the public – was fully devoted to the loose organza parka-dresses, long transparent coats and jackets, boxing shirts and massive braided boots. The second, a purely ‘Armani’ part (starting from the deep blue colour palette – the landmark of the brand – and finishing with the duos of models appearing on the runway) was all about romantic, dreamy, long vanilla ice cream coloured coats, organza-made strapless overalls, and perfectly fitted menswear summer suits. Some looks were heaped with massive metallic jewellery and glass crystal necklaces and bracelets, while others were logically finished with glittering caps or heavy black sports backpacks.

Armani did it like a pro – it’s always wise to put your fashion followers in the hangar and force them to watch the endless show that targeted people of all ages, professions and style preferences. That’s what he did indeed, and did not lose betting on it. In one collection, he mixed the pieces suitable for a twenty-year-old student of Marangoni and diluted these kind of looks with the ones to be proudly worn by the forty-year-old mums (loose pale pink plus beige tops and trousers looks are just to die for). He added blue glittering jackets, lime-coloured total looks, and dark blue neon army boots just to make it all diverse and catchy enough. Everybody picked the look they liked the most, which was the purpose successfully ticked with ‘done’ for the Italian king.

To say it was a success is to say nothing. Being honest, it was one of the most unbelievable shows most of the fashion people been at. We had planes, Robbie, clothes and fun – most of the fashion crowd stayed at the after party to celebrate the biggest show of this Milan Fashion Week but us, editors, rushed to leave the branded hangar as soon as we could. We did not want to leave, but we needed to be the first going out of the plane.

Isa Malina
Backstage pictures
Julia Morozova

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