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Let’s think for just a moment, what do we ask for in a handbag? For it to be beautiful, of course. Comfortable, practical. Made with high-quality materials. And also, why not, some exclusivity. Oh, and it has to be a special object, one of those that are born to stay in your closet for a long, long time. Well, that’s what MAISON ETNAD is all about, a new handbag company whose first model, Eloine, embodies the brand’s essence perfectly: timeless pieces in limited edition collections of one unique model in different colours.

Juanma Marchesi and Fer Blasco are Maison Etnad’s founders. As a curiosity, their starting point is interesting: the tireless quest for new materials to work with, which start the entire creative process. In other words, it’s the design that adapts to the materials and not the other way around. As they say, “We establish a liquid creative process in which looking for materials is a significant part of the design. Each edition is based on a unique type of leather with its own history”.

In this constant quest for excellence, it’s not surprising that they’ve chosen to make their handbags in Ubrique, the cradle of Spanish leather goods, while master silversmiths from Barcelona have created the metallic pieces. The result: this first model that is already on sale. Eloine is an elegant mini bag with geometric lines and a minimalist aesthetic, available in seven different colours (mustard, pale pink, white, beige, silver, greyish green and black), which looks great both with an evening dress or a more casual outfit.

And yes, I know what you’re thinking: here we go again with these tiny handbags where not even your phone fits. Wrong. Juanma and Fer have thought, precisely, of this dark object of desire we can’t live without. “Nowadays, phones are everything, and that’s why they have a special place in our first collection”. The model Eloine has an outside pocket for your phone while remaining easily accessible. And as a detail, a little mirror so you can check your makeup and look always fabulous. Also, do you want to know another interesting thing? Its price. Why don't you visit their website and discover it? 

Ona Poveda
Anne Roig

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