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With the purpose of making us feel empowered and opening up our spiritual and emotional capabilities so we can approach life from a new lens, Ella Collier is now releasing her new single, UPGRADE. The song comes along with a music video directed by Cassie Howell which explores a spiritual evolution through sci-fi-inspired archetypes, and it's the first single she's putting out with her new collaborator, Sam Vendig. The Atlanta-bred, now based in Los Angeles songstress and performer opens a new chapter in her musical career.

UPGRADE is about the pain of progress. It's the first song I've released from the realm of my new music, and a candid introduction to the new world I plan to share with you,” she replies when asked about her latest single, whose purpose is to break you out of the matrix and evoke the feelings she felt as she trudged one of her larger spiritual awakenings. “It questions large-scale structures in society from consumerism to how the media, social media, and schooling have trained and programmed us to trust and achieve the hierarchical benchmarks of life.” 

The arena pop artist and powerhouse vocalist has proven to have a unique ability to open her heart to the world, inviting everyone into her spiritual playground. She now goes a step further with the release of the first single of her new project, UPGRADE, in which she pushes back the way that society has been set up seeps down into our interpersonal relationships and turns them transactional. “It is also a call out of the gatekeepers of life, who say they're lending us a helping hand, but really they're only here for their own gain and the downfall of another.”

David Alarcón

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