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Returning for his fourth show at the Loyal Gallery (Stockholm) New York-based artist, Eddie Martinez presents his latest solo exhibition. Titled New Paintings 2, the exhibition is an acknowledgement to his 2008 solo show at the Loyal Gallery titled New Paintings. With the 2, the artist illustrates, in few words, an intricate attention to detail and a continuation of connection. In this revival of his past, the exhibition features eleven new paintings installed on two floors of the gallery, on view until May 15.

The exhibition brings Martinez’s artistic career full circle back to where it all began at the Loyal gallery in 2005 with his very first solo show. Recorded in paint, Martinez’s work is evocative. His expression comes in a formulation of suggestions, straying from a singular attitude or perspective. The artist’s work is described to be “the living of life and its turbulences and aspirations, sipped and tossed with finesse until it spins. Easy to sing yet difficult to play, perfectly constructed yet tricky to decipher,” speaking to his use of enigmatic impulses of colours and collisions of mediums on the canvas. “It’s like a distillation of the experience rather than a depiction of it.”

Known for his aggressive manipulation of colour and contrasts, the artist's style combines abstraction with representation through a series of paintings and drawings, paired with iconographic and figurative elements in gestural expressionism. Through his combinations of oil, acrylic and spray paint, the images featured in his paintings reference popular culture in a cartoon-like essence, materialising distorted, semi-abstract paintings.

Shifting between traditional and unconventional methods of abstract and figurative works, Martinez blurs the boundaries of each piece. Working to explore the imagination, he takes the viewer to new realms of curiosity, revisiting the past to create his latest collection of imagery through an intersection of space and silence.
Eddie Martinez’s solo exhibition New Paintings 2 is now on view at the Loyal Gallery in Stockholm until May 15.

Paige Peacock

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