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“Your support does not go unseen/the rock un your/alive and raw quinoa/the option to turn towards love is an option with or without glitter all over the face,” this is how they present the collection in this new manifesto. A poem and a declaration of intentions. After 10 years in the fashion industry, Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta know that their work is not going to leave anyone indifferent. Now, in their Fall/Winter 2022 collection presented at NYFW, they unite the two pillars that support the brand: craftsmanship and community.

In the abandoned Essex Street Market, the brand gave it its last creative tug before it was demolished in favour of hyper-consumerism. As a critique and celebration of this and their brand, they teamed up with DJ Doss and musician Brian Chippendale to set the mood on the catwalk. Straight-cut sequin dresses with a slit-down centre, watercolour gradient tailoring, earth tones, and greys are the stars of the designers' tenth collection.

Without wanting to overindulge in nostalgia, the two Rhode Island natives had in mind to maintain the legacy of the community they have grown up with. From the industrial New York aesthetic achieved with handmade garments to the sequins and glitter that mimic the city's nightlife culture, Eckhaus Latta celebrates its people, its environment and its roots.

Maria Antón

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