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Four tracks, his second release for Peggy Gou's Gudu Records and the first release of the label so far in 2023. DMX Krew's new EP, Return to Jupiter, has just been unveiled and demonstrates the harmony that exists between Ed DMX, who has been one of electronic music's most respected faces for over 25 years, and the project led-by the world-renowned Peggy Gou. Dripping with richness and colour, this new release is inspired by the futuristic funk and vivid synthesizer epics of classic Detroit.

In 2019 Ed DMX made his debut for Gudu with 2019's Don't You Wanna Play? EP. He became the first artist to release on the label outside Peggy herself, being the starting point of a musical connection that has not stopped strengthening over time and that now offers us a new chapter in the shape of an EP, Return to Jupiter. This new original four-track EP is driven by the sort of thick analogue basslines and distinctive melodies that have come to define Ed's catalogue and takes us on a multi-sensory journey through Return To Jupiter, Altered Chords, U Ain't Really Down and I Love Juan.

Since he debuted in the mid-1990s and after having released his first decade of music almost exclusively through Grant Wilson-Claridge and Aphex Twin's Rephlex label and his own Breakin' imprint, these last few years have seen him play his trade across a who's who of dance music's most respected underground labels. And this new release, the first of many for Gudu, which has many more new projects scheduled from the current roster and some exciting new faces, allows us to continue enjoying the talent of DMX Kew.

David Alarcón

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