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A neo-wardrobe takes shape for Dior Men’s with the unveiling of the Dior Icons capsule collection, overhauling men’s fashion with radical innovation on quiet luxury.
This classic refinement finds its expression in Dior ambassador Robert Pattinson, the face of this new campaign. Kim Jones, Dior Men’s Artistic Director shares: “I talked about clothing and fabrication with Robert a lot because he has a huge interest in fashion. I thought it would be perfect for him to wear Dior icons because we discussed it in the conception of the collection. He is a good friend of mine so it seemed it would be nice for him to model in it.”

The new menswear line lauds the core nature of Dior, where timeless pieces in subtle shades embrace every moment, be it day or night. Think tailoring alongside sportswear, knitwear paired with classic denim. The collection boasts long, structured coats and meticulously crafted minimalists trousers, fashioned from materials that epitomise perennial sophistication: cashmere, poplin and virgin wool.

In this collection, understated nuances mingle with signature elements, effortlessly magnifying the Dior codes. The colour grey, beloved by the founding couturier Monsieur Christian Dior, and the delicate integration of the Dior oblique motif in the lining of select jackets, serve as subtle details that profoundly resonate with the Maison’s history and heritage.

While men’s accessories remain uncharted territory to many, Dior confidently leads the way with its new sleek gallop shoulder bag. Also available in a mini version, the new statement accessory features an aluminium buckle brandishing the Christian Dior signature.

The campaign, masterfully captured through the lens of Alasdair McLellan, features a blend of naturally coloured and monochrome images. Each frame emanates an organic and uncontrived feeling, highlighting the refined and understated quality of the collection while capturing hushed luxury in its purest form.

Jenny Daphne Pitsillides
Alasdair McLellan

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