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On The Road, Jack Kerouac's magnum opus serves as inspiration for Dior Men's Fall 2022 collection, both figuratively and literally, as the catwalk unfurls a scroll of the original manuscript of the iconic book. This time around we can find literary influences, especially coming from the Beat Generation and its fresh take on writing through spontaneous prose, which is reflected on the French Masion's original and unique way of mixing quintessential American styles, from the more academic-leaning, Ivy League-inspired preppy look to modern sportswear attire. An innovative look, just like the author's groundbreaking – at the time – writing style, which was presented in London, the brand's first time in the city.

Artistic Director Kim Jones' references to On The Road can also be seen in the illustrations from the book's first-edition as they are handpainted and printed onto jackets. And the American references don't stop there, the collection is permeated with vintage washed denim, an all-American fabric (although it is originally from France). Other fabrics that characterise the country's mid-century era, and that can be seen throughout the outfits, are technical silks and recycled nylons, adding to that post-war look, which are combined with a soft palette of pastels mixed with Dior Grey, from the House's archives. The traveling or voyage theme is also carried through accessories like climbing cordons strung across the now iconic Saddle bag, or the variation of the Dior Oblique in khaki and indigo, rope walking sandals and even a new Dior hiking book.

But the influences for his latest collection don't stop here, on top of being inspired by Kerouac, who coincidentally published the defining work of his era in 1957, the year of Christian Dior's passing, he takes from another of Dior's contemporaries, Yves Saint Laurent. The tweeds and bias-cut soft collegiate coats harken back to Saint Laurent's mid-century collections and the impeccable tailoring can be attributed to the brand as well as Dior, of course. This just adds to Dior's legacy of combining exquisite tailoring with innovative references that come from the past and the future of fashion.

Mercedes Rosés

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