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Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures, which is why Dior Men's Fall 2021 collection's performance is unlike any other done before by the French Maison. Kim Jones' proposed virtual performance gave the remarkable opportunity to share the experience of a space where the virtual and the real meet, through a series of infinite-looking galaxies, with mirrored flooring, showcasing hyper coloured and hyperreal images as well as looks. Kim Jones' collaboration with American artist Kenny Scharf brought other types of links and connections, constellations of references from pop culture, science fiction, cartoons and historical art movements, this is all you need to know about Dior's most recent collection.

Conceived and directed by Thomas Vanz, the scenography shows a futuristic take of what a fashion show is supposed to look like. Marrying heritage and technology perfectly, Vanz also developed a lens, available on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook to see the show through a whole new, enthralling perspective, where you are invited into a galactic odyssey through space and time. Matching the theme, we can see the models wearing blue space buns, that at first could seem to clash with the beautifully-crafted clothing, full of tailored coats and slender single-breasted jackets. which are eased around the body, and belted at the waist, in homage to The Bar Jacket. These are to fit with the mood of evolution, and of feeling like you're living through a journey, where we get to see a more updated take on the New Look, which is fundamentally Dior.

Bringing the couture house to the 21st century, there is also an ode to China and its craftsmanship. A lot of inspiration is drawn from traditional Chinese techniques and are translated into the French Maison's fashion language. Other elements of this inspiration can be seen in the drawings of animals from the Chinese zodiac, as well as the jewellery, designed by Yoon Ahn, featuring jade and lapis and reinventions of chrysanthemum blooms, as well as other accessories like the tambourine-style berets designed by Stephen Jones. A digital experience, to be experienced globally, seen through the eyes of a French house, a British designer and American artists who explore the perception of time and space in this current context.

Mercedes Rosés

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