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With the support of the Italian fashion brand Gucci, the Reiffers Art Initiatives Foundation presents a new collective exhibition whose main subject is the body in any format and from a modern, science fiction or even a utopian perspective. Des corps libres, une jeune scène française (Free bodies, a Young French scene) brings together the work of fourteen artists who, through different media and procedures, will analyse and investigate the material representation of the body, the diversity and the fight it harbours. You can visit the display at the Studio des Acacias by Mazarine in Paris, until 28 May.

As the curator of the exhibition Thibaut Wychowanok mentions, this exhibition is the result of constant research. The most interesting part of this project is to discover the vision of these young artists about the metamorphosis of the body. Here are some of the artists you can find in the show.

Ymane Chabi-Gara is an artist who managed to graduate just before the first lockdown. For this reason, her work is strongly influenced by isolation, which explores the Japanese term hikikomori, a social phenomenon in which people voluntarily decide to withdraw from society. Chabi-Gara achieves to express the difficulties that many young people experienced during isolation, representing the body in solitude.

As we saw in the interview Ben Elliot did for METAL, through his work, this young artist reflects on consumer society, advertising and life. To do so, he is inspired by trends that come from social media, such as the selfie. As he himself explains, it symbolises a form of self-expression. An example of this was the project tbh I dunno if I have feelings 2, a party he organised by inviting popular millennials in Paris to take pictures of the event and share them all over the Internet to promote his work.

Salomé Chatriot is an artist who uses science and new technologies to create a fluid and digital identity, thus turning the virtual into something material. In her work, Chatriot explores the body integrated with digital images and fantastic creatures, such as fairies or mermaids.

Kenny Dunkan's main source of inspiration is the Caribbean culture, especially carnival festivities. Through his work, the artist investigates the French colonial heritage and the modes of representation that still exist today. Dunkan uses his own body as a canvas, from performances and sculptures to video art.
Explore the collective exhibition Des corps libres, une jeune scène française (Free bodies, a Young French scene) at Studio des Acacias by Mazarine, 30, rue des Acacias, 75017 in Paris, until May 28.

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