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Inspired by painting and convinced that art is now more important than ever, Démira returns to music after four years since she released her last EP. A period of time in which she has defined the style she identifies herself with, which she refers to as "roaring electro-pop with off-kilter trip-hop and Bollywood influences." A proposal that projects her own identity as a result of her artistic residencies in New York, her shows in European clubs, and her interest in different creative facets, which she explores through sound and aesthetics. Today, she releases her new EP, New Voodoo, betting on a soundtrack to face the dark times that we are going through.

"Like these tricky Madonnas, I'm new voodoo, a pièce of résistance," sings the 23-year-old Dutch artist in the title track, New Voodoo. A new chapter in her musical career which she started as a teenager, writing lyrics of great intensity and demonstrating her passion for poetry, always projected from a particular approach. A vision that now coexists with the musical production, the incorporation of particular recordings in her music (jet fighters, electronic toys and windscreen wipers, among others) and an introspective exploration detached from trends and limiting musical genres.

In this new episode she presents today, the singer opts for a much more powerful sound, free from ties and full of catchy rhythms with plenty of versatility. Both music videos that accompany her new work prove it. Whereas in New Voodoo, whose lyrics are inspired by a painting by Toulouse-Lautrec, she metaphorically refers to hide-and-seek and overcoming human insecurities. Her single Da Vinci, which he refers to as "a queer take on Adam and Eve," takes her own story as its starting point to recreate a utopian scene in the middle of the apocalypse. The EP is completed with Aerial Repeaters and Pallas, in which the intensity is slightly lowered to connect with emotions.

David Alarcón

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