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Dear group presented their first project exhibition in collaboration with Gorka Postigo, Nicolás Santos and 13 other photographers last Friday April 20th at Espacio Libertad in Madrid. 

Charlie Engman, Lukasz Wierzbowski, The Cabriolets, Ali Bosworth, Adriá Cañameras, Sofia Okkonen, Yuji Hamada, Lourdes Hernández, Sean Michael Beolchini, Tito Pérez Mora, Quentin de Briey, Agustín Fernández Mallo, Seth Fluker, Michelle Anderson are the photographers involved in this first exhibition. Ana Kras and Jennile Marigomen will be the second couple involved and they will show their collaboration at Q17 Studios.

Dear explores the working process itself, experiences, references and influences. The goal is to create inspiring projects. It is basically dedicated to make things blow up. Mixing artists with a common objective. The name reflects the way it reaches the artists, the respectful treatment, admiration and correspondence.

The first project studies the work of 2 artists who are in a relationship. One of them is a plastic artist and creates collages and the other one is a photographer and creates images, Nicolás Santos and Gorka Postigo. Both of their visual worlds collide until they explode becoming a perfect visual experience for the viewer.

Ignazio Arizmendi
Rubén Lizana

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