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Leaving the comfort zone is an act of courage that, although it is a major challenge because it means exploring unknown territories, can be translated into a pleasant surprise and constant self-knowledge. That was what happened to the American singer and songwriter Courtney Paige Nelson, who after jumping into the media spotlight by participating in one of the most renowned television formats that promised to turn her into a promising model, she felt the call of music. After releasing her first full EP last May, Fever Dream, she now unveils her new single, Cry Wolf.

The best part of not following a fixed path dictated by society, which sometimes seems to determine what we have to be or do throughout our lives, is that you feel much freer. The Los Angeles-based artist has made her intuition her compass, surprising the public and herself with her demonstrated musical ability and talent. Songs like Senses or Andy, included in her last EP which was released just 2 months ago, already exceed one hundred thousand plays on Spotify. Quite an achievement at a time when many artists dream of making music their way of life, with continuous releases.

Based on a personal experience, specifically the connection with an ex a few months ago, with whom it seemed she was getting a great level of friendship she felt comfortable with again, Nelson shares her feelings through this new song, Cry Wolf. “It gave me flashbacks of the manipulation and abuse I experienced in the actual relationship I was in years prior with him,” she comments on the moment when her ex-partner blew up on her for not responding fast enough for him. An idea that made her remember the manipulation that she had suffered for a long time, and the gaslighting she had experienced during a certain time, doubting her own perception of it. One more evidence that music is a way of channelling emotions, becoming a healing balm.

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