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For some years now, Nordic fashion has positioned itself as one of the best showcases to take pen and paper and write down everything in terms of forecasting style. But if we need to turn our attention to a particular event, it should be, without a doubt, towards the recently celebrated Fashion Week in Copenhagen. 

Captained by Cecilie Thorsmark and her brilliant team, the CPHFW has acquired its own strong personality with very clear values that serve as the axis of this celebration of the Nordic catwalk. We could start by highlighting the great investment in sustainability that already began in past seasons but that has shone more than ever in this edition, both on the catwalk and behind the scenes. “Copenhagen Fashion Week is the cultural and commercial meeting place of the Nordic fashion industry. This gives us the responsibility and the potential to create impactful change in the industry at large,” is what Thorsmark told us. The organisation's effort to be consistent with its message and make substantial changes in the execution of the events has been a success and encourages the fashion industry to make these necessary changes.

Changes that not only refer to sustainability, but we have also experienced how the diversity of casting – which has long been in place, but still seems more symbolic than a reality – took an important role on the catwalks in, if not all, most of the shows. This fresh air that presides over the CPHFW is also driven by emerging designers who have used their space to verify the importance of new looks in fashion (and in all sectors). Although it is difficult to choose among so much talent, we have selected six proposals, both emerging and consolidated, that have caught our attention.

A.Roege Hove
Thanks to its unique vision of traditional craftsmanship, the firm founded by Amalie Røge Hove, gives another meaning to knitwear, turning it into an experimental object with its own movement and a touch of sensuality. Pieces that through asymmetry, and the use of fabrics that seem to have a life of their own, adapt to each body as if they were made to measure.

Jade Cropper
There was a great expectation with the debut of the designer Jade Cropper and the truth is that it has exceeded all expectations. Handcrafted pieces from waste and recycled materials make up a feminine and empowering collection that will only be available through Instagram and in small quantities.

Stine Goya

Danish designer Stine Goya was in charge of bringing light and colour to the runway. Coming from collections with a certain romanticism and exuberance, this time she transports us to space with her reflective outerwear pieces and eye-catching accessories like the beautiful handbags that, seeing the colourful path that streetwear is taking, we will surely find them everywhere soon.


This project started with its founder, Marie Mark, sewing at home and uploading her designs to the networks to show the world what she was doing. From there, it was so well received by the public that in 2019 it ended up becoming the brand we know now, with the addition of co-creative director Katrina Anne Wittig. Kerne.milk uses deadstock materials and leftover fabric scraps they have created their fun little universe where movement and fun are the central axes of the pieces. Not in vain, the collection alludes to the circus and to the past life as dancers of the two creatives of the brand.


Without renouncing the streetwear style that defines the brand of designer and skater Silas Alder, Soulland this time around adds new textures such as crochet pieces, as well as earthy colours and some volume without sacrificing comfort and adaptability of their pieces.

Saks Potts

Placing the parade in the beautiful Copenhagen Opera House, the firm that every insider loves presented its new collection that transmits strength and strength as well as sensuality. Although Saks Potts' is inspired by the textures and practicality of traditional hunting garments, they have not forgotten to add innovative elements as, for example, they incorporated AirPod holsters to a large belt.

Alexandra Navas
James Cochrane
Cover photo
Colette der Kinderen

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