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Making music an enveloping language and creating dreamy introspective soundscapes, Colyer today releases his new album, Lonestardom. A work turned into a lonesome drive through the mind of a cauterised artist in the depths of Hollywood, in which he reels us into his world. From 10 Galaxies or Tired of Blue to the lead single Weird World, eleven tracks make up this new release marked by a slow rhythm and a very personal intimate atmosphere, which illustrates just how strange the world can be, after leaving behind all you knew.

Possibly the most curious of all is that the Weird World lead single was written before the pandemic, when everything still seemed normal and the global health crisis that would end up revolutionising our lives was not yet a reality. Now, the lyrics ring truer than ever. Through a visceral and immersive soundtrack to a weird, isolated world, the artist immerses us in his universe defined by baritone guitars and droning synth pads cradle lyrics.

Having singles that accumulate millions of views on digital platforms such as Lost in Your Love, with more than five million streams, or Out For You, Colyer now unveils his new album, Lonestardom. Seamless transitions lead into jarring ones, echoing the all-too-familiar pain of heartbreak and its slow recovery. The singer bets everything on honesty and opens up to his audience, achieving a recognizable sound that flees from the trends of the moment, inviting us to be part of an introspective journey where we can connect with ourselves and our feelings. A debut album that promises to give a lot to talk about. We will be attentive to the next steps of the artist.

David Alarcón

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