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CJ Mirra welcomes spring by revealing his brand new project, CJ's Mirra Maze. Taking shape as maximalist, neo-psych pop music through an electronic lens, the London-based producer and composer takes his musical journey a step further by allowing us to discover a new facet with Self Medicate, which marks the first single of this impressive new project. Besides giving us a sneak peek of everything to come, he'll be supporting Panchiko this week at Bath and London.

“We all have the instinct to self-medicate with our addictions of choice, for me, it was filling the gap of finding a deeper sense of purpose,” replies CJ when we ask him about his new single, which has become a letter of introduction for his new project, CJ's Mirra Maze. He also alludes to a movie about a guy who taught himself to surf and immersed himself in everything around surfing to help him overcome addiction and depression. “That really made an impact and resonated with my own experiences in recent years.”

It is no coincidence since the producer and composer has always been a great fan of surfing, having been a thread that has run throughout his career. The expectation for his new musical adventure is high, and now we can finally listen to the first single, Self Medicate, which balances between sharp electronics and hook-laden melodies, peppered with psychedelics. “So many times when I'm working on a score, an idea for a song will come out of what I'm doing. This project is like pulling out the best of those ideas.”

David Alarcón

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