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Chris Rellas , also known as @copylab, probably has more Instagram followers than you. The 20 year old Georgetown student has garnered quite the following and has even collaborated with the likes of Vogue and Calvin Klein by finding a niche in the ever-populated Instagram scene. Rellas takes historic pieces of art and plants designer it-pieces into the painting. He adds a humorous title and voilà, you have one of the most culturally relevant Instagram accounts around.

For example, he takes Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring and makes-her-over into Girl with a Chanel Earring. Frida Kahlo sports a flower crown from the Dolce & Gabbana SS15 show, the result is so convincing that it takes a moment to spot the imposing object. The references to consumerist culture present a powerful juxtaposition to the classical art yet Rellas insists that he has “always seen a huge connect between the two”. There’s no denying that the outcome is simple yet effective.

Part of the appeal is the sense of humour injected into his work; a post entitled “Kim Jong-Illest” see’s the Communist leader donning a Prada coat. Inspired. While the generic Instagram feed is flooded with images of avocado on toast and never-ending selfies (we’ve all done it), copylab offers something that has substance and wit. Rellas proves that with consistent content that’s not watered down on multiple social media platforms, you can truly master the art of self-promotion.


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