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You might have heard the expression “it’s so fluffy I’m gonna die,” but have you ever thought “it’s so cute I’m gonna buy all these illustrations and ceramics”? Haven’t you? If not, you don’t need to panic, ‘cause we’re introducing artist and London based illustrator Charlotte Mei, whose work will make you think that very thing. With a funny universe, always based in pop culture, she is young blood in the field, and likes to play and teach in her unique, lovely version of the world.

“I never really thought of my work as a brand. More just of all the different things I like to make. I started experimenting with ceramics while studying illustration at Camberwell, and when I graduated a few people wanted to buy my pieces. This grew slowly over the last three years into a small business. I try to balance my focus equally over making new work and running my business. There would be no point in doing it if I wasn’t keeping it fresh, and it is much funnier that way,” explains Charlotte, telling us how genuinely it all maturated from the first and naïve paintbrushes. She’s also offering several workshops for adults and children, and Charlotte guarantees us that the best thing about teaching is the fact that it is “so refreshing to watch the children create with this uninhibited imagination and joy. I love the way they interact with materials and it has definitely taught me a lot, how to make mistakes and get over it – that’s a big one.”

From ceramics to clothes, this is simply a kind of regular evolution for her: “I love working with pottery and textiles, and for me one of the funniest things about what I do is being able to experiment with materials and ideas… And I definitely intend to try new things in the future.” And if you are wondering where you can see her work in the next few months, she will immediately answer that she is working “on some pieces which combine digital elements with ceramics. I’m super interested in the relationship between technology and tradition within the visual arts. I’ve got a lot of new projects coming up in the new year, as well as more workshops and collaborations. And lots to look forward too.” And we look forward to see it as well.

Mariana Viseu
Mathieu Ajan

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