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“Have you ever wanted to take a slice of summer and play it back endlessly even when it’s not summer?” Asian American singer Casper Sun asks us on his highly-anticipated debut LP, Sunshine Radio, which sees the light today. Following the releases of featured singles Wavy Luv, Chill W U ft Sunroof95 and Mercury Glider, he now includes eight additional tracks with which the young promise of music condenses a piece of summer to continue reliving this magical period throughout the year.

From Visions ft. Chow Mane to Tite Jams, the eleven singles that make up this new LP is the result of combining diverse styles and influences, ranging from indie-pop to hip-hop and electronic sensibilities. An interesting miscellany of references that take summer as their leitmotif, a transcendental season in our lives defined by unforgettable experiences and life lessons. “The album is filled with the shimmer and shine from a poolside reflection, the sweetness of an iced pink lemonade in the middle of August, and yet tinged by the midnight blues and hues,” explains Casper Sun.

Sunshine Radio goes back in time, specifically to the nights the California-based singer listened to the Love Line program on KROQ – a radio station in Los Angeles – when he was in middle school. “I use Casper as a way of connecting with others and creating a space for all of us to sing, cry and dance together,” says the artist, whose new LP is a plea for hope and optimism after the pandemic. One more chapter in his promising career with which he continues to connect with his loyal audience through a universal language loaded with personality.

David Alarcón

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