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Even though our hearts are still broken after knowing that Romain Kremer is leaving Camper, the Spanish brand he’s been leading for five years, we’re happy to share his latest campaign for the upcoming Fall/Winter 2019 season. As usual, he’s run the extra mile and created, once more, an incredible casting of avatars inspired by pneumatics, cars and all-things-racing.

This time around, Camper is releasing new versions of iconic models like Twins and Pelotas, updating more recent ones like Kaah, Pix, Courb, Brutus and ABS, and even launches a new line called CRCLR, by CamperLab, inspired by bike wheels. The collection is characterized by bright, vibrant colours like red, acid yellow and electric blue which remind of racing cars – although there are versions in black and/or white for those who prefer neutral tones. In all, the world of sports and, more concretely, that of racing, rally, and all-things-on-wheels, is the main inspiration behind this new campaign and collection that wants the wearer to drive his or her own life. Should you do it slowly and enjoy the ride and landscape? Should you do it fast and take your body to new limits while adrenaline rushes through your veins? That’s up to you. Just try these new models and listen to what your feet have to say about it.

Arnau Salvadó
Art Direction
Romain Kremer
Daniel Sannwald
Make up
Isamaya Ffrench
Charlie Le Mindu

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