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For several years, Camper has been taking the public on a journey of exploration through the Mediterranean and its wonders, and 2022 is no exception. The thirteenth issue of The Walking Society magazine has arrived, a commitment of the brand to its philosophy of enjoying and appreciating the world we live in in a leisurely, unhurried way. This time the star destination is the island of Hydra in Greece, and Camper invites us to get to know it by walking, not running.

Camper has been characterised since its creation both for the quality of its products and for its strong and deep sense of belonging to its roots, nature, and the purest and most organic human connections. This is reflected in the wide variety of parallel projects they run apart from their main one, footwear. One of these, and perhaps the one that best and most clearly reflects the aesthetic, ethical, and content values of the brand, is the magazine The Walking Society, which in its pages is dedicated to representing the different social and cultural realities of various destinations along the Mediterranean.

The Greek island of Hydra has been the chosen one this time, and in the one hundred and fifty-two pages of the magazine, we discover why it caught the attention of the Camper team. Just by knowing that it is only twenty one kilometers long and that the only way to travel it is on foot or on horseback, we understand the particular charm it can have. It is a unique corner where the pace of life is slow and leisurely, an environment that favours creativity and the birth of ideas.

The fact that it has been preserved almost intact for over a hundred years and has great beauty and natural charm, in addition to the above mentioned, has attracted the attention of the artistic community, being a favourite destination of several important intellectuals of our time. Some of the names featured in this edition include music producer Stephan Colloredo-Mansfeld, who knows the island better than anyone, and artist Dimitrios Antonitsis, who has lived on Hydra for 40 years and draws inspiration from it. The Protomagia Festival or the Hydrama Theatre & Arts Centre are other elements that move art on the island and that we can learn more about in the pages of the magazine.

Natalia Andrea Pérez Hernández

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