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Rumor has it that Budapest is now like Berlin was fifteen years ago: a multicultural city ready to bloom. In any case, in Budapest you can find now a hidden gem of art and creative lifestyle: Brody House. Founded five years ago, Brody House marries up perfectly art, nightlife and travelling with a unique taste.

Brody House is divided in different spaces, but all of them have been built under some common aesthetic precepts: beautiful and efficient design, and the rediscover –and redesign– of neglected buildings or places.

Brody Studio, next to Andrassi Avenue –the most imperial street of Budapest– is where all kind of different events take place: from literary dinners with international authors, especially themed menus and wine tastings, to parties, happenings or exhibitions. The building is certainly up to the task: a traditional Hungarian construction with an inner courtyard completely remodeled, but with kind of a bohemian style and a taste for reused furniture to give a one-of-a-kind impression.

Brody ArtYard is halfway between a contemporary art gallery and a studio for artists. This space is supposed to grow during this year to make room for a lot of international artists that will be able to exhibit or work here –although the ArtYard is focusing on printing techniques, from self-publication to the most experimental processes. Looking at this, it’s comprehensible why Brody House will host several events and performances during the Budapest Art Market in October and will also participate as an exhibitor.

Brody House is a boutique hotel –with several international awards– where efficient and ecological design is, again, the sign of identity. It counts with only 11 bedrooms, each one of them individually designed and named after a Brody House artist, containing some of their features.

The Brody House was born to be “a hub for creativity and innovation”, according to its own concept. And it certainly is the epicenter of coolness. The perfect place to discover the vibrant scene of Budapest’s art life, that matches a rich past with a promising future.


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