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The reading experience is not only related to books; there are many other things that make that pleasure so wondrous. Erik Heywood has always been fascinated by all things bookish. And so he opened Book/Shop, where he sells rare vintage books and all kinds of objects that go with them: bookcases, artwork, reading accessories, etc. “We're not here to be another bookstore. Yes, we sell books, amazing ones, but we do it on a different sort of model.”

Book/Shop started as a website in late 2011, and later opened as a store in Oakland, California, and in New York City sometime after. Both shops have become truly special places for book lovers, offering an entire selection of books to buy as well as different objects like book-lights, new and vintage art work or book storage furniture, many of which are made by amazing designers. The shop launches a new assortment of books every two weeks – about 80-100 books at a time – mostly pulled from the shelves of collectors and rare book dealers. “If people don't find anything they like, they can come back soon and have an entirely new selection to choose from,” explains Erik. So this particular way of working is what makes this store so unique.

Their philosophy is determined by a simple idea: “we're here to serve those who love books: looking at them, reading them, carrying them with them and living with them”. They strongly believe that the experiences people have with real books run deep and give more to life. That’s why every piece of this remarkable shop has a special charm and is explicitly selected to be there. “We try to offer things that aren't so easily available otherwise”. Undoubtedly, Book/Shop is the perfect place for those who want to lose themselves in the incredible world of reading.


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