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“I wanted to make an album that addressed topics like human connections, being in perpetual upheaval and feeling unable to unwind but in a whimsical, tongue-in-cheek manner!,” responds Blue Mar when asked about his debut album The March Hare that has just been released. The Brazilian born, Los Angeles based artist now presents his new work, which includes fourteen tracks whose music dances between gritty guitar and nostalgic/vintage sounds. An honest way to connect with his audience is by exploring global matters and humanity's response to them and one another.

The Life of a Savage, Horses Running, Division Ways or ONE are just some of the songs that Blue Mar is now releasing on his debut EP. Searching for the feeling of unity and the common points that all human beings have regardless of our origins and our way of thinking, the artist sings about putting aside our differences and uniting together as one. Universal reflections and infinite responses to problems that arise in all of us in one way or another with a spark of hope and optimism throughout.

Written and recorded between London and São Paulo and produced alongside Fabio Pinczowski and Mauro Motoki, The March Hare aims to stimulate listeners' emotions through a personal style built on sincerity and completely detached from musical trends and media booms. A tireless search for the essence common to all of us, which unites us while questioning the world we live in from all angles. Ready to rethink everything you thought you knew? Let yourself be carried away by the emotion with Blue Mar.

David Alarcón

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