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Love is about falling in love again and again with the same person. It is about doing everyday casual things together. And this is what Crush, the new single by Blaue Blume, the Copenhagen art-rock band, is all about. Exploring new ways of making music, they introduce a dazzling new sound on the alternative pop-gem.

Crush is a tribute to girlfriends and boyfriends,” says the lead singer, Jonas Schmidt. Love songs are often more about falling out of love, and Blaue Blume proposes a new way of talking about love without making it sad or melancholic. Falling in love with the same person day after day is the reality that relationships hide. The lyrics of the song undoubtedly tell the story of this process perfectly. In addition, the melody’s accompaniment of soft but lively sounds creates a perfect harmony for a song that serves as a tribute for a loved one.

Undoubtedly, Crush is that love song made for couples who feel that nervous tingle every time they see their partner. A song to talk about love without getting sad or remembering stories that could have been but were not.

Maria Hernández
Sophus Wolf

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