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Have you ever wondered what infinity is? Andrea Incontri, the brand's creative director, presents us a magnetic space without limits where time ceases to be linear and we enter a cyclical journey through the brand's history. The designer took the reins of Benetton's creative direction last year, opting for colour and a functional and elegant minimalism. In this second proposal for the brand, Andrea presents a collection where the repetition of motifs, geometric shapes and optical games are the protagonists.

is presented as a game of reflections, a kaleidoscope of colours, where the cyclical concept of repetition is accentuated thanks to a set that simulates lifts with mirrored walls, and creates a constant flow of garments in movement emphasising the concept of the collection. In this game of repetitions at first glance the pieces are similar but nevertheless they are always different, they are combined in such a way that through their construction and deconstruction we can create infinite looks.

The collection starts with black and white tailoring but quickly fills with colour, serially reproduced motifs such as rabbits, mushrooms and flowers flood the knitwear. Diagonal stripes clash with horizontals and verticals on sets, jackets and tops. The circles take over mini skirts, suits and scarves, in a game of contrasts that are gradually becoming more and more contrasted. Knitwear, Benetton's hallmark, is the protagonist, made with multiple techniques, twisted jumpers, curly effect or crochet, as we see in the waistcoats, cardigans or crochet sets, in pastel tones with matching cap. But also materials such as vinyl, eco-leather, wool or fur are very present in this collection.

Between extremes we find the colour framed, we start from black and white to finish in grey and silver, in the middle a space is generated for a hypnotic polychrome, a path full of possibilities created through seven saturated colours, pink, mauve, green, orange, blue, yellow and red. The change in color marks the evolution of the collection and the repetition of its various prints and graphics takes us from a more organic approach to a psychedelia full of optical effects. All this is completed with enamelled jewellery in the shape of the printed motifs and shiny, colorful and metallic accessories, such as bags, shoes and belts.

Alvaro Bochert

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