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Having released their highly-praised debut album Yoga Horror last year, Babel is already focused on their sophomore album which will arrive later in 2023. Working non-stop while enjoying the creative process and having fun, something essential to achieve a successful result, the award-winning Finnish dream-pop duo now presents a preview of their next project in the form of a single and music video named Closer. This release full of good vibrations gives us clues about where their sound will be heading in the next months.

Depicting a story of a couple enjoying their last night together on a vacation in which both parties realize that their passion is gone but still give in to the romance one last time, Closer reminds us that in a worst-case scenario, we might as well go out giving it our all. Offering a very enjoyable sound that breathes inspiration from soft French sounds, Brazilian bossa nova singer Astrud Gilberto and the EDM hit Stereo Love, this new single comes along with a music video directed by Reetta Saarikoski and was shot abroad on vacation in Madeira. “We stayed in a five-star hotel in Madeira with the director for eight days and filmed everything. We wanted the video to be as epic as possible, which includes life in miniature: sunbathing, falling in love and exercising.”

This is a perfectly symmetrical accordion riff that makes you want to listen to it forever, as Babel says, and it’s true that this single is extremely catchy and shows that the musical project is on the right track, shaping a recognizable identity. “We realized that this is our chance to achieve the dream of a one-hit-wonder. The song's story is based on the excitement and euphoria, the crushing feeling that all experiences are transient,” add Karin Mäkiranta and Mikko Pykäri.

David Alarcón
Reetta Saarikoski

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