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Annie Schultz’s record is best listened to whilst sat in a cosy location with a hot mug of chamomile tea. It’s not infectious in the way club beats pull in dancers; it entices you effortlessly through its lyrical personality and melodic form of seduction. Described as a “sonic landscape”, It Bends Until It Breaks, out today, carries a very original sound. I found myself swaying with its ambient vibes and masterful instrumentation. The 22-year-old singer-songwriter reveals a vulnerable side of their personal life in this extended play.

A cross between Alanis Morissette and Lana Del Rey, Annie Schultz delivers a passionate, acoustic EP inspired by the romantic and depressed periods of their life. It Bends Until It Breaks presents relatable themes through Schultz’s “unique blend of folk, post-punk, and alternative rock.” With a 4000% increase in monthly Spotify listeners since May, Annie Schultz is making a name for themselves in the indie music scene.

Beginning with Repetition, Schultz leads listeners on an emotional audio journey. Their angelic vocals carry a sombre tone above a raw acoustic track. Followed by the titular track It Bends Until It Breaks, we find a consistent delivery of candid messages showcased through a beautiful yet heart-wrenching canorous refrain. We, thus, get a real taste of Schultz’s indie folk style. Patterns describes the experience of trying to offer help to someone when you yourself are crying for help. We begin to experience a build up from indie folk to Schultz’s goth-rock manner of delivery. We discover this, in full, with Wave, where we’re given a banger percussion orchestration. To cap off the EP, Schultz gifts us with an unreserved song about the troubles of love called Waiting. This track is a great closer for It Bends Until It Breaks because, quite frankly, it incorporates all aspects of their style within one song – the goth-rock drumbeat to the indie folk melody line.

Zach Lee
Julian Owen

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