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Polyvalent artist Annabelle Jouot exhibited her knitted pieces at Galerie Chappe in Paris for the first time a few months ago, a real success in the new artistic path she is now embracing.

Annabelle is a creative at heart. Known for her styling, she has a fine and elegant way of making, from the so-fragile harmony of fashion, a vibrant composition. “I have learned, from being a stylist, to associate different things that are not necessarily harmonious at first, and make them look beautiful or more chic,” explains the Paris-based artist. She naturally fell for the art of knitting, and so her love for eclectic association of colours and fabrics couldn't be more magnified: “What I love above all are the Navajos, Indian, and Mexican textiles from the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s, for their patterns and colours. The Californian knittings and Scandinavian designs from this period of time are also a major influence in my work.”

Self-taught, and certainly talented, the use of complex techniques has become an ideal way for self-expression: “I have learned the knitting techniques by myself, while watching internet tutorials and documenting on the art of knitting. I haven't taken any courses at all, I'm doing it in the most simple and rudimentary possible way. It’s all handmade: a long and repetitive process that I love so much.” A passion she is pursuing in Paris, a city she loves and feel inspired by: “I can remember going with my mum on Wednesdays to a small pizzeria on rue St. Martin during most of my childhood, and we then took walks around Beaubourg. I was hypnotised by those enormous and colorful pipes – absolutely magical.”

With her exhibition now ended, she is focusing on new projects and collaborations. “I will be collaborating with Brazilian artist Kleber Matheuse in a project dear to my heart. I'm going to start making creations that are more and more gigantic. When we start, we can't really stop (laughs).”

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Henrike Stahl

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