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After having released released singles such as Talking to Myself, Medusa and Shadow Love, Andreww has come out with his strongest single yet, Crossroads. Having a prolific career in fashion, walking down the runways of brands such as Louis Vuitton, Versace and Dior, he's now turning to music in a masterful career move. You better keep an eye on him.

His latest song Crossroads, whose cover art is designed by streetwear mogul Verdy, is the ultimate manifestation of his musical soul-searching journey, posed to become an angsty pop anthem which lures listeners in with a bold and powerful hook. The message behind is quite straightforward, as Andreww himself says "It’s about making a decision and sticking to it. Two things can happen: it works or you learn something but as long as you just go for it everything will be fine. Life’s too short to wait for someone to make the decision for you."

With a story-teller-like style when it comes to his lyrics, Andreww's formula, which also consists of dreamy grunge guitars and 808 beats, delivers powerful melodies and straight-up bangers. His visual identity reflects just that, like in his latest music video for Shadow Love, which is the gameplay of a highly-enticing fictional video game. Do not sleep on this model turned singer with enough grit and pop-esque feel to appeal most people.

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