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Alfred Kerbs is a young sunglasses brand, born in Barcelona but looking forward to conquering the world. They describe their product as “the ultimate symbol of style and distinction” and “as alternative designs with a studied range of colours and top-quality materials”. And we could not agree more with them. Their concept comes strong and determined, as it would be expected from a brand like this. Alfred Kerbs’ sunglasses will become a must for anyone looking for a laid-back and elegant touch and, of course, the best quality in materials.

Their debut collection, out now, offers original and innovative yet timeless sunglasses that will delight design and quality lovers. And, as is only natural considering the fashion and aesthetic consciousness the Alfred Kerbs creatives possess, the designs respond to a very studied color palette in synch to their definition of an elegant and timeless style, combining both avant-garde and classic elements.

Their strong brand identity is perfectly captured in both their collection and launch campaign, which has been shot by the renowned backstage photographer Lea Colombo and directed as a fashion editorial. A series of images that define the brand visual parameters, and that will make you feel like belonging to Alfred’s universe. And if you need more to definitely surrender to their designs, remember the frames are handmade in Italy only using high-quality materials and Zeiss lenses.

Launched in Tokyo last October, the Collection Nº1 is already available online here.


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